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Al P Customer since 2015

As a first time customer, Import Autowerks came highly recommended by a close friend who is quite an auto buff. I took my Mercedes Sl55 AMG in for some routine maintenance and was very satisfied with the end result. Both Jon and Kent are thoroughly professional and knowledgable. The car was ready on time and at the price quoted. I would not hesitate to use them again and would also recommend them to anyone looking for qualified professionals to take care of there cars.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thank you very much, Al. It was a pleasure to meet you and so glad we could help with your Mercedes. Keep enjoying your beautiful ride and we'll be here if you need us! Kent


Jermain Y Customer since 2014

Good job

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:  Thanks, Jermain! Glad we could help keep your BMW rolling!! Kent


Dwayne C Customer since 2014

Kent and John is very good people I wouldn't take my car any where else. They do excellent work and treat you like valued customers .

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thanks, Dwayne! It was great to have you at the shop and we appreciate you taking the time to post the review! Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Kent


Darin K Customer since 2011

Always great service done right.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:  Thank you, Darin! And always a pleasure to have you and your bimmer's at the shop! Kent


Crystal M Customer since 2015

I was very pleased by the honesty and customer service that was provided . As a woman I feel very comfortable to know that they will not try to take advantage of my lack of knowledge about cars . They always have my 750 running great . I would refer any and everyone.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thank you so very much, Crystal!! We really appreciate your thoughtful words, especially about knowing we won't take advantage of you. That means a lot to us, so thank you again and enjoy that 750!!! :-) Kent


Gerald & Stephanie G Customer since 2015

Master mechanics. The owner Jon was very helpful and thorough in answering all of my questions. Import completed the work on my car in a timely manner. I'll definitely use this company to do any repairs on my BMW. Oh, and check out their showroom!

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thank you very much for your review, Gerald! Glad we were able to help out with your 5-Series....happy cruising!! Kent


Tam H Customer since 2015

Thanks guys! You guys did a great job the cars in great shape again. And I appreciate you guys for doing it on time. In the future if I need a tune up I will definitely call thanks again

Sincerely, Tam Huynh

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Hi Tam! Thank you very much for the review! We really appreciate you and are so glad we could help keep your 335 running like a champ! :-) Have a great weekend! Kent


Kim M Customer since 2013

I am always satisfied with my service at Import Autowerks. The customer service is wonderful. They treat your car as if it were their car. They always provide you with the necessary feedback which promotes true knowledge of the cars they work on. I tell everyone I come in contact with, that ask about my preferred BMW repair shop, to try Import Autowerks. You won't be disappointed. Keep up the good work!

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thank you, Kim! Customers like you make it easy to keep up the good work! :-) we really appreciate your words and encouragement....they mean everything to us. Thanks again! Kent


Joe B Customer since 2011

Quick, efficient and professional. Never had to bring my car back for a reported problem. Bring your car to the shop early and you will have it back before 6 the same day

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thanks very much, Joe! We appreciate your friendship and business, and are glad we can help keep your cars running smooth :-) Have a great day, Kent


Trecia H Customer since 2013

I absolutely love the service provided by this company. The owner and staff are the best, I'm a repeated customer and would go back in a heart beat. Thanks for everything.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Trecia.......you are so awesome :-) Thank you for taking the time to write such a nice review! We are honored to have you as a customer and a friend. Thank you for your service to our country and thank you for bringinig your X5 to us! Have a great day!, Kent


Terrell J Customer since 2015

Great service, quickly resolved the issues at a reasonable price!!!

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:  Thanks Terrell! Glad to help and get your Bimmer back on the road! Have a great day! Kent

Jack K Customer since 2014

The service at Autowerks is excellent..work is always done by service personnel who are fully trained and knowledgeable. They are friendly and reasonably priced. they are my "go-to guys" for any work done on my Mercedes Benz.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thank you for the great words, Coach! We appreciate you so much and are happy to be a part of keeping your Benz "young at heart" :-) Thanks again, Kent


Lee S Customer since 2015

Very professional and fast. I was in and out of there and satisfied with the results.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thanks, Lee! It was a pleasure to have you at the shop and glad we could help keep the S550 running like a champ! :-) Kent


Maurice B Customer since 2015

I'm giving these cats a 5 star rating on their work and professionalism.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:  Thank you, Maurice! Appreciate your good words!! Kent


Anonymous Verified customer

Wouldn't take my care anywhere else!!!!!!!

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:  Thank you!


Rick B Customer since 2011

Great reliable service. Completed on time and at a reasonable price. Thanks Jon and Kent.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:  You're welcome, Rick! We appreicate your business and especially the review! See you next time! Kent


Walter & Monica R Customer since 2015

Import autowerks had been servicing my BMW 525I in the past and the service was stellar. When our vehicle was totaled. We didn't think twice about where to go to purchase another finely engineered vehicle. You can rest easy knowing that their for sale vehicles have been rigorously run through the shop and everything is up to par. We settled on the 2010 MB E350. Kent and Jon give you that hometown feel like your in Mayberry.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thank you Walter & Monica, and congratulations on your new Mercedes!!! You make it easy to look good because you are great people, know what you want and are just fun to work with! We really appreciate you and look forward to seeing you driving the new ride around Mayberry :-) have a great day!! Kent


Mary C Customer since 2015

Always courteous, response is fantastic and the work as promised and when promised.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thanks, Mary! It's great to see you and your awesome Z3 when you come by! Glad we're able to keep her "runnin smooth" for you :-) Have a great day!! Kent


Wanda B Customer since 2014

Import Autowerks is great! My car needed to be towed late Friday night. When asked where I wanted it towed, I said "Import Autowerks" without hesitation. They always provide excellent service. As a female, I don't have to concern myself with being taken advantage of as I do with many car repair shops. They do great work and customer service is awesome!

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thank you so much, Wanda!! You make it easy with your wonderful smile and personality :-) We really appreciate you and are very grateful for your thoughtful words. It means a lot, especially when you feel you won't be taken advantage of. That's a big deal to us, so thank you for bringing it up and have a GREAT day!! Kent


 Lynn B Customer since 2013

I get excellent service at Import Autowerks. I always receive a thorough explanation of the service needed, the cost, and the approximate time the vehicle will be available. The pleasant and friendly owners make me feel valued.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thank you so much, Lynn! And yes.....you are highly valued! We appreciate you and are so happy to help take care of your beautiful BMW!! Take care, Kent


 Tony W Customer since 2011

I trust Import Autowerks. From my experience with them, they will not suggest any unnecessary work. Even if a customer goes there requesting specific work be done, if the work is not necessary, Jon will let the customer know that the work is not necessary and the condition will nor affect the performance of the car. I remember taking my SUV to Jon for an estimate to repair the lifters, after the dealership quoted me $4,000. Instead of giving me an estimate, Jon said that he could do the work, but the work was not necessary, and the condition of the lifters would not affect the performance of the vehicle or cause it to break down. Jon is more than a mechanic to me; he is also a consultant. Business exist to make as much money as possible, but Import Autowerks will go the distance to save you as much as possible. As Jon Mack would say, "I hate to turn money down, I can fix it if you want me to, but the repair is not necessary."

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thank you very much, Tony! I like that you appreciate how Jon is as much a repair consultant as a technician. So many folks come in who were told what was wrong or what they needed, and it just wasn't the best solution. We want to do the right repair and get you back on the road. After all......cars are ment to be driven, not in the shop getting stuff they don't need :-) Take care, Kent


Anonymous Verified customer

Prices are very reasonable and their services with my cars are great. I take all my cars to them. Very customer friendly.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:  Thank you so much for the review! Kent


 Ken H Customer since 2014


I have been very pleased with the service you all provide. The only addition that you need to consider is washing the vehicle after service of 500.00 or more.


 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thanks for taking the time to write the review, Ken! We appreciate the feedback and maybe we can do something like that as we grow and can employ a detailer :-) Thanks again and take care, Kent


Deric T Customer since 2014

The best Mercedez and Bmw techs in the Hampton Roads are period...

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:  Thanks, Deric! We really appreciate your kind words and glad we can help with your Bimmers and Benz's!


Danny D Customer since 2015

I visited Import Autowerks, Inc. in Portsmouth for an oil change first then for front end work and is very happy to say that I am very pleased. They are very upfront and honest with diagnosing problems and pricing. This shop will definitely be my permanent repair shop for my 745 bmw.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Hi Danny! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience here at the shop! We are so grateful for wonderful customers like you who make it easy to look good :-) Take care and enjoy that beautiful BMW!! Kent


Jason G Customer since 2011

The service was good and the price too.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:  Thanks, Jason, and thanks for thinking of us when your Bimmer needs some TLC! Take care, Kent


Mark S Customer since 2011

Import Autowerks is a trustworthy shop. They are excellent and recommendations and maintenance. They make owning and keeping a BMW to spec a pleasure and stressless.

They are drama free people as well. What you see is what you get.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:  Thank you for your kind review, Mark! It's always great to have you in the "drama free zone" :-) Kent


Kelly B Customer since 2015

Great Service

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:  Hi Kelly! It was great to meet you and help take care of your beautiful 3-series! Good luck with the LSAT's AND the wedding!! Kent


Cory & Andrea K Customer since 2015

Always a pleasure to get work done by knowledgeable technician class services. A+

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:  Thanks again, Andrea & Cory! We really appreciate your nice works! Kent


Cory & Andrea K Customer since 2015

Great people to work with and excellent service. They are working on 2005 645ci. And the service is A plus. Would recommend to anyone with foreign vechiles. Corey and Andrea

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thank you so much Cory & Andrea!! Glad we could straighten out the headlight issues for you and get your beautiful 6-Series back looking great!! Enjoy!! Kent


Mary C Customer since 2015

I could not be. More pleased with the service I received. Big problems with my old (17 yrs) Z3. I got prompt service, calls each day on the progress and the car back the same. Week. I think I have just found a new home.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Hi Mary and thank you very much for your very kind review! Glad we could help to keep your "baby" running great around town! It was a pleasure to meet you and we'll look forward to our next opportunity to see your beautiful Z3!! Take care, Kent


Quentin H Customer since 2015

I would recommend this place to everyone that I know, I have 2002 bmw ci and they have it running so well you can't hear it on. I am a customer as long as I own my bmw. Thank you sooo much

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Hi Quentin and thank you very much for your wonderful review! It was great to meet you and take care of your 325ci last week and we'll look forward to helping out any time you might need it...it was a pleasure to have you at the shop! Take care, Kent


Stephan M Customer since 2013

The best yet. I refuse service elsewhere       -08 BMW 650i

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thanks, Stephan! It's nice to take care of such a beautiful BMW as yours! Glad we can help and thank you for your service!! Kent


Jason G Customer since 2011

Good service and integrity!

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thanks, Jason! Always nice to see you and your sweet BMW at the shop! Appreciate you and the review!! Kent


Tyron R Customer since 2015

Will do business again!

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thanks very much, Tyron! Glad we could help to get your X5 running smooth again! Take care, Kent


Nicole H Customer since 2012

Seamless vehicle purchase! I even left with tags! Jon took care of everything. No trip to DMV for me! Thanks Jon and Kent!

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thanks, Nicole! It's great to see you driving that beautiful CLS550 around town!! Kent


Mangai H Customer since 2015

Awesome!! I left a local shop for the dealer, but the reviews for Import Autowerks are 100% accurate! Great customer service from te minute you walk in. I was I given a update and expected completion time and they meet it! I love my car and will come back time after time and encourage every BMW owner to do the same. Thank you Import Autowerks!!

Mangai H

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Mangai! Thank you so much for your great words of support! We appreciate you and getting to know you and your beautiful Bimmer! Thank YOU for your service to our country and happy start of retirement!! Kent


Thomas L Customer since 2014

So far, our dealings with Autowerks has been very positive. They do a thorough inspection, make sound, honest recommendations, and give economic options for repairs. Prices are competitive with other and better than BMW dealer.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thanks very much, Tom! We appreciate you bringing your beautiful X3 in to us and look forward to helping you out with anything we can in the future. Take care, Kent


Anonymous Verified customer

As a two BMW car family, who is always on the go, having a reliable and consistent fellow BMW owner as our mechanic is a life saver. From standard oil changes to major repairs we have had it all covered by Import Autowerks! Thank you Jon - we consider you part of the family.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied:

Thank you so much for the review...especially the family part! We want you to always feel like we're here to help! Kent


Anonymous Verified customer

Went in to get a bulb change on my 2003 Bmw 325i, service was fast and the cost was very reasonable. Very friendly people.

 Import Autowerks, Inc. replied: Thanks very much for the review! Appreciate the nice words :-) Kent